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Whether you are having your first eye exam, a repeat eye exam, or are seeing a new eye doctor for the first time, there are a number of routine questions you can expect. But your answers to these questions during eye exams are anything but routine for your eye doctor.

That’s because there are any number of factors in your medical history can contribute to current or potential vision problems. Understanding your lifestyle and describing any visual problems you’re having helps to point your eye exam in the right direction. As well there are medical conditions, medications and circumstances that can put you at a higher risk for certain eye diseases.

​Eye exams include a detailed history of many things you might consider unrelated to vision. However alot of theses things can actually affect your current vision, or reveal potential risks for developing certain eye diseases. Be ready to provide a complete history at your next eye exam, and help the tech, and your eye doctor, best prepare for the examination that follows.  

Also, remember visiting your eye doctor regularly is the only reliable way to maintain healthy sight and possibly prevention of eye diseases.
Things to Bring to Your Next Eye Exam

Here’s a checklist of things to bring to your next eye exam:

​Photo Identification
Insurance Card (if available)
​Copy of Last Vision Prescription (if available)
Current Glasses or Old Glasses (if available)
Current Contact Lens Prescription and/or Boxes (if available)
List of Current Medications

24 hour notice for any canceled appointment is appricated, thank you.

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